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Thursday, October 19, 2017 5:01:30 PM

Animal cruelty: are laws tough enough essays Animal Cruelty: Are Laws Tough Enough Animal Cruelty is a continuing problem that grows each and every day. Animal cruelty is any inhumane or violent act towards any animal. Cruelty does not just pertain to physical kent state university at stark turkey trot 5k bethlehem neglect is also a form of abuse. To improve the treatment of animals it is necessary that animal cruelty becomes a felony offense. Although some states have made the transition of making animal cruelty a felony, there are still some states where the cruelty charge on carries a misdemeanor charge. The American Society for kent state university at stark turkey trot 5k bethlehem Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1866, modeled after persuasive sentences ks2 Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Great Britain. The ASPCA became the first humane organization in the United States. Their programs include humane education in elementary and secondary schools; animal cruelty law enforcement in New York State; and legislative efforts at local, state, and federal levels. The ASPCA also operates a full service veterinary hospital and adoption program at their headquarters. The first effective New York animal anti-cruelty law was passed after the ASPCA convinced the state legislature that it was needed. History shows that repeat animal cruelty offenders often later turn towards human to inflict abuse. As a child, Albert Kent state university at stark turkey trot 5k bethlehem trapped cats and dogs in orange crates and then shot arrows through the boxes. He later became known as the “Boston Strangler” who killed 13 different women. Two boys who bragged to their friends about decapitating a cat later worked together to kill their parents. Earl Kenneth Shriner, who raped, stabbed, and mutilated a seven-year old boy was known for putting firecrackers in dog’s rectums and stringing up cats. More recently, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two Columbine High School students who shot and killed 12 classmates before turning guns on themselves, bragged about mutilating animals to their friends. Accor.

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