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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 4:15:21 AM

Sex-role distinction and preferences on preschoolers essays “By the time the child has entered kindergarten, he or she, is able to make sex-role distinctions and express sex-role preferences.” Weitzman studied engel rs 4800 y digital plus university of the most influential sources of sex-role distinction and preferences on preschoolers; picture books. Weitzman obtained many different picture books, which have all been deemed best sellers and have been ordered engel rs 4800 y digital plus university almost every children’s library in the United States. Through hours of research one major theme emerged in every book; women are inferior and dull of men. In Lenore Weitzman’s article she identifies three major issues with the role of females in preschool picture books. She studied countless numbers of esteemed children’s books and came to the conclusion that the role gender inequality speech women play in these book is a subordinate role than men. Women are hardly seen in these books, they are “invisible”. Titles are rarely seen here with a woman’s name in them, as are central roles pictures and, altogether, stories. This fact seems difficult to believe because woman do make up about 51% of our population. When women are seen they are inconspicuous. “Loving, watching, and helping are among the few activities allowed to women” Weitzman said. But what affect does this have on the country’s children? Well for one thing it seems to be telling little girls that it is better not be seen or herd. The second major issue is that, in these picture books, boys are seen as adventure some and courageous, where as girls are seen as passive and reactive. Weitzman found that Women and girls in the books are most usually found indoors were as boys are outdoors where adventures are around every corner. “While boys play in the real world outdoors, girls sit and watch them- cut off from that world by the window.” The fact that girls are indoors and boys are outdoors is a great example of the conception of male outer space and female inner space, though A History of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire by Erik Erikson. An.

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