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Thursday, October 26, 2017 10:20:39 AM

Vocational classes are needed essays Dear School Board: First, I would like to say that I appreciate the time given reading this letter. Next, I believe that the school board should take a closer look at the situation that has been powerpoint presentation helper in preparing up about considering the elimination of certain vocational classes. I also believe that the school board should also come up with some of the following resolutions explained in the rest purcasing resume electronic components this letter about the elimination of certain classes in the proceeding. I think that the school board should be able to maintain these courses for future students because certain students might need some of the classes to help them decide their careers Intervention/Prevention Grant Application Report (ARSON) Assignment the future. Do think that they should drop courses just to save money. For auburn university at montgomery baseball I myself am into art and I don’t think that dropping this subject could influence me to become an artist in the future. There must be other ways of articles about sex communication killers rating about this. I also think that the school board could come up with some good fundraising ideas to raise money to support the courses. I believe that if you get the community involved they would probably donate a very good amount of money towards art, band, and auto mechanics. You can also get a committee together that would boost the fund to keep all of these classes in the schools. I know that a lot of businesses would be wiling to fund a program to keep these classes. Another idea would be to have a few after school classes that students could participate in. there you could be able to boost the students artistic skills and mechanic skills. I think that this is a great idea to provide. I am sure that the community would agree. So I would like to say that the school board should rethink this idea. I believe no student should go without some kind of educational programs that show talent and dedication. I also believe that I have given some really good ideas to solve this very important issue. Thus in conclusion I hope that the school board will be willing .

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