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Monday, October 30, 2017 6:11:19 PM

Rain man essays “Rain Man” Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are brothers in “Rain Man.” Tom Cruise owns a car business. The first scene shows that Cruise is vary talkative. He has a beautiful girlfriend, Valeria Golina. The conflict all started when he heard about his father’s death, who he hadn’t spoken to for many years. His father had left him a car and a few rose bushes. The rest of the three million dollars went to his unknown, autistic brother, Dustin Hoffman. At the beginning, Cruise was in madness to get his share of money. But as he spent time with Hoffman, he made a connection with him. He discovered that Hoffman was not just an sample resume on grammar spelling punctuation mental patient. He was actually very intelligent. He could count 446 toothpick in a second, but he just couldn’t function normally. In reality, situation like Hoffman may not happen very often that the plot became very realistic. How he tiled his head, and repeated himself all the time made his role believable. This could not be done without a good script. Ronald Bass did a very great job on writing the movie. Between showing apa research article development of Cruise from anger to love, he added a little comedy, which made Rain Man even more interesting. One thing I have to mention about this movie is the scenario. The picks of locations and setting are excellent. For example, at the scene where Cruise and Hoffman were driving to LA, it showed three shots from morning to night. The contrast between them made me feel involved. The sunset made me urban and regional development university of seoul ranking like it’s the end of the day. Then they drove into LA, where lights and people are everywhere. This made me feel like back to life again. However, the music of the movie is very poor. The same soundtrack is play book reviews online ordering columbia time they traveled on the cross-country highway. Sometime, the music is too loud, making me not be able to hear the conversation. Otherwise, everything was well put together. One technique was often uses in the movie.

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