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Creon the worthless autocrat essays Creon the Worthless Autocrat The play of “Antigone” was written over 2,000 years ago by a Greek playwright named Sopholsces. He was well known for the sense of catharsis with which viewers would leave his plays. In the play “Antigone”, two brothers have killed themselves in a battle over the kingdom of Thebes. The next heir to the throne, Creon, takes immediate action, Best Essay Writing Services | ? results in the death of Antigone, and the life-long regret of Creon. Who, then, is the tragic hero of this play? Because of his own hubris, his unwillingness to change an unnecessary law, and having to live with consequences that outweighed his crime, Creon is the tragic hero of the play. The two brothers fought Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano Thebes to their own death, argumentative essay lord of the flies fishing results define coursework NABA Aoa student essay becoming the new king. Immediately, Creon addresses the people and tells them that he knows they will not trust a new king until he has been tested, nor would he trust his people until they are tested. He says publicly that one of the brothers, Polynecies, who had gone elsewhere (from Thebes) to gather allies, was a traitor, and therefore would not receive ryder bikes university park proper burial. He declared that Polynecies’ body would stay where it was to rot, and that no one was to come near it. The brother of Polynecies, who had remained loyal to Thebes, was given a full-scale hero’s burial. A few days later, a guard comes back to Creon, to tell him that the body of Polynecies define coursework NABA, after all been buried. Creon is outraged and commands the guard to find the man who has done this crime against him! In that society, there only needed to be a layer of dust for a corpse to be considered buried. Creon knew this and had established a heavy guard near to the body to prevent this event. The guard comes back later with the news that it was his niece, Antigone, who has done the burial of her brother. Creon is further outraged that a family member Best Essay Writing Services | ? only has committed a crime against him, but also has put him in an aw.

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