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Saturday, October 21, 2017 12:36:47 AM

How have race issues been treated by broadcasters and the pr essays an increase in the black population. Many of the connotations of the word ‘black’ are to be found in Britain’s colonial past…In most white people’s minds dark pigmentation is associated with ‘dirt, poverty, low social status, low intelligence, animal sexuality, primitiveness, violence and a general inferiority…If black people arrived in Britain with the stigma of how to write a fraction percent as a fraction and subordinate colonial status attached to them, as immigrants they came to be associated with undesirable behaviour such as mugging, and with social problems such as urban decay, poor housing and overcrowding. The ease with which negative symbols can be culled from their colonial history and their present status are perfectly encapsulated in the Daily Express headline, ‘POLICE FIND 40 INDIANS IN BLACK HOLE’…(Braham; 1982,268). Nowadays, the above problems are not only associated with black people but also The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Depression immigrants such as those from India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and other such countries. However the way in which broadcasters and the press treat black people and the minority of black people in broadcasting and the press is still a problem. It has become homework help biology high school help noticed that black people are not given the media coverage that they deserve. It seems that the only recent radical change in the media for black peopl.

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