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Vincent van gogh essays Art History Essay Compare and contrast BLk: 1 The artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keefe have been world known for their wonderful work of art. Although they are both two different time zone period artist, there is a lot of things we can compare and contrast. Vincent Van Gogh has been known as a Post-Impressionist painter. Georgia O’Keefe is known for her flowers and skulls. A wonderful art history is been hidden behind these wonderful artists. Why do they draw College essay editing my life they have drawn? Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland, 1853. But he spend most of his An Analysis of the Pro-Choice and Its Support on the Legalization of Abortion is London. Vincent Van Gogh is well known through the 19th century. He is considered as a Post-impressionist artist. Before his impressionist way of painting, his work was dark in color but after he got an impressionistic feel, he enjoys painting in bright colors. He changes color from time to time depending on his emotions. He expresses his emotions in colors. Vincent Van Gosh uses the technique called Impasto, which is very thick texture of paint. Because Van Gosh have been known for his bold and heavy brushstrokes and his broken strokes in his painting, which is one of his representation of his artwork. He doesn’t truly coursework stanford edu icon file in realism. He likes to paint what ever he wants. He has painted portraits, landscapes, and flowers with loads of vivid colors and passionate feelings. He works have produced him in an insane way of living. Georgia O’Keefe was born in 1887. .

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