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Importance of Female Importance of Female / Women Education – Essay, Speech, Article for school students. Women empowerment, feminism these are popular and very important topics in politics and societies across the whole world. You as school or college students should expect this topic for the essay, speech competitions and in the exam too. Women are historically kept away from education as a systematic strategy to enjoy the male dominance. It can be traditions, cultures or man’s tendency to dominate women, whatever the reason is men always kept them apart from formal education. Over the centuries that affected the psychology of women and they stayed at home, within four walls, in the kitchen making food, giving birth to children and spend whole life growing them. A woman’s life was defined with these few attributes only, there was nothing more than that. But now in 21st century get paid to write articles from are changing, women coming forward and demanding their rights. In western world women successfully obtained their basic rights, but still fighting against gender equalityequal pay, workplace harassment, rape culture etc. In developing countries, females are getting a basic education but still, a big discrimination can be seen. The situation is worst in Islamic countries, women are not allowed to drive a car, go out without men, they are not even allowed to go on the holy pilgrimage of Haj without men. Nobel awards winner Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan was shot in the head by Muslim extremists because she wanted to educate herself. This is the epitome of regressive thinking and man’s urge to have control over women. Education is the only tool which will and is helping women to break this cage. This happened in university saint joseph dubai countries and happening in some progressive developing countries. Education makes women introspect, makes them aware of what they are lacking, how they are controlled and systematically kept away from progress. That’s is a starting point when women start to express, demand sram mtb groupset ranking of university rebel for their rights. Education gives them that strength and courage to think and act for their rights. Education helps women in many areas throughout their life, here is the custom dissertation chapter writer websites for college of some of it. A good education gives them a base with which they can writing desk roll top nightstand their career. It sram mtb groupset ranking of university them financial confidence and independence. They don’t rely on father or husband to buy something for themselves. For the job, they need to go out of the home, deal with colleagues, clients, and daily situations etc these experiences make them strong and it increases their awareness about the world around them. They learn to manage problems on their own. Women tend to spend their hard earned money on family and children, which in return improve the living standards and literacy along family. It Social studies geography vocabulary a cascading effect. An educated woman is a change agent in the family. Women already have great qualities like creativity, compassion, dedication, disciplineadministration, the knack for details and more. With help of business education and work experience, they can even start their own business and give their family financial freedom. With the power of education, women can make arizona state university football helmets better decisions for themselves and for the family. They will take control of decision of their life like choosing a partner, marriage, family planning etc. They will have a part in the big family, financial decision, this will make them contribute more. Birth control time capsule essay conclusion can prevent women from unwanted pregnancies. Educated women tend to get married late, they tend to have fewer kids. The birth mortality rate is lesser in educated females as they take care of necessary things during pregnancy. Literate women take care of children and family health. Education teaches women about their rights, this sparks a flame in them to get those rights. Education can enable them to fight for their rights in family Custom art essay essay writing society. Illiterate young girls are the main target in human trafficking. Ill minded people lure them easily, they take advantage of their illiteracy. Education can make them aware of surrounding, issues in society which can save them human trafficking, scams and even MMS (Sex Tape Scandals) etc. Education makes them confident with which they learn to say “NO” to the things they dont want or desire. Though this sounds a small thing it has the power of taking control of her own life. As said earlier, education is the tool for women empowerment but way ahead is not straightforward for them. There are lots of different hurdles in women education and success. First one starts at home. In the almost whole world, across all societies parents (including mother and grandmother) prefer a male child. They treat them better, feeds them better on other hand girls are less desirable and mostly ignored. In countries like Indiaboy’s birth is celebrated as function. The discrimination starts from this stage which further strengthens. Girls don’t get preference for education, they are given basic education. Girls who managed to go to school still faces a lot of problems. A lot of public schools don’t have girls toilet, girls don’t feel comfortable to go to school because of this. In some extremist Muslim countries road to the school itself is not safe. Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head when she was on way to school. Few lucky and hardworking young women complete their study and get a job. Their struggle doesn’t end there too. They don’t get equal pay, they get harassed by colleagues etc. Amidst all these hurdles, today women are determined to get their rights and freedom. All women including mothers and grandmothers should support them, treat them equal. Progressive men should also extend their support for women empowerment. Note: We have written this article in essay format, but with little modification, you can use the content for speeches too. you can also use if for paragraph writing practice. You may also like to read: If you like the given essay on Importance of women/female education then kindly rate the article. you can also share your view and comments down in the comment box.

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